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Jaime Castillo
Jaime Castillo
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It is glitching, It saids it is wrong. I am on the third one and it saids I am on the second one.

My code: def odds(iter): return iter[1::2]
def first_4(iter):
    return iter[:4]
def first_and_last_4(iter):
    return iter[:4] + iter[4:]
Zara Thomas
Zara Thomas
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I have had similar problems before with other challenges. If you are 100% sure that nothing is wrong with your code, the try restarting the challenge. Sometimes that works.

1 Answer

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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This code does not solve the task 2 challenge to create "first_and_last_4". You seem to have the right idea, but the implementation isn't quite right.

Hint: check the slice arguments for "last 4".