Python Python Basics (2015) Number Game App Squared

it says num **2 or num * num why isn't it working?

So i think I have everything right but correct me if I am wrong. I don't understand why return(num ** 2 or num * num) work it says it up above about what to do.
def squared(num):
    if num == int:
    return(num ** 2)
        return(num * num)
# squared(5) would return 25
# squared("2") would return 4
# squared("tim") would return "timtimtim"

1 Answer

In the instructions it's basically giving you an option to use either num ** 2 or num * num as your return if the argument can be converted into an integer, since either operation returns the same result. Example:

    return int(argument) ** 2
    # Or if you wanted in the above return you could do
    # return int(argument) * int(argument)
except ValueError: 
    return argument * len(argument)

The part that your missing in your code is the last sentence of the challenge "If the argument cannot be turned into an integer (maybe it's a string of non-numbers?), return the argument multiplied by its length. Look in the file for examples."

Hope that helps! :)