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It seems that on Chrome 76 this solution is not working

It seems that on Chrome 76 this solution is not working. The solution adopted by the instructor is not immediately easy-to-understand and in Chrome 76 it does not work.

the array method map returns a new array, and this array is assigned to the variable "options". Then, the array is assigned to the innerHtml of the "select" element. This does not work.

Is there a reason? I changed the solution and used the same approach as in the generateHtml function by creating an html variable and iterating over the array with forEach and it works.

Thanks in advance

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Can you show your code? This will help us to look into the issue you are facing.

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Here is a snapshot with the code from the video that I successfully tested with Chrome 76.

Can you post a snapshot where it doesn't work? Is there anything in the console?