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I can't understand why my code will not work. Could someone please help me?
import random

def random_item("string"):
    item = random.randint("string")
    return item
# random_item("Treehouse")
# The randomly selected number is 4.
# The return value would be "h"

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Clayton Perszyk
Clayton Perszyk
Treehouse Moderator 46,541 Points

Hey Robbie,

Firstly, your function needs to take a string argument, not be a string itself. Next, randint will need two arguments, check this resource to see what I mean. Then you need to figure out the two arguments to pass to randint so you get a number between zero and the length of the string; randint will then return a number, so instead of item, you might want to name your variable index. Lastly return the character in the string, using the number stored in index.

Sorry that was kind of a rambling answer, so let me know if you need any clarifications.