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Miguel Richardson
Miguel Richardson
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Items are not appending to shopping list

shopping_list = []

def add_to_list(item):

    print("Added! List has {} items.".format(len(shopping_list)))

def show_help():
    print("What should we pick up at the store?")
Enter "DONE" to stop adding items.
Enter "HELP" for this help


while True:
    new_item = input("> ")

    if new_item == "DONE":
    elif new_item == "HELP":


When I add an item it keeps saying "Added! list has 0 items."

for example:

Added! List has 0 items.
> banana 
Added! List has 0 items.
> apple
Added! List has 0 items.
> orange
Added! List has 0 items.

Does anybody have an idea about what is going on with my code?

2 Answers

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Anytime you call a method, the method name must be followed by parentheses (). This is true whether you are passing argument(s) or not.

In this case you also need to pass the item to be appended in the parentheses.