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Danny Lowe
Danny Lowe
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I've checked my code in the workspace and it works fine in there but in the question its not working

it comes up as saying make sure you use "echo" instead of var_dump which if you look at the code I am.


//Place your code below this comment
$integerOne = 1;
$integerTwo = 2;
$floatOne = 1.5;
$integerOne = ($integerOne + 5);
var_dump ($integerOne);
$integerTwo = ($integerTwo - 1);
var_dump ($intergerTwo);
$answer = $integerOne * $floatOne;
echo $answer;


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Jennifer Nordell
Jennifer Nordell
Treehouse Staff

Hi there, Danny Lowe ! I tried your code without the var_dumps and it passes the challenge over on my end. I'd suggest restarting the challenge from the start, paste in the code you have above, erase the var_dumps and check it again. It sounds like something may be cached either on your side or server-side.

Your code works beautifully for me! :sparkles:

you still have 2 var_dumps

Danny Lowe
Danny Lowe
Courses Plus Student 886 Points

even if I blank them out it still comes up with make sure you use "echo" and not "var_dump"