CSS CSS Layout Basics Getting Started with CSS Layout Using a Mobile First Approach

Lisa Weil
Lisa Weil
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I've finished the mobile version of my website but when I go to inspect it using my dev tools it looks different.

I really hope I can explain this well.

I've just finished the mobile version of my website. I did this by making my window as narrow as possible like Guil does to show how it will look on a mobile device as I worked on it. I haven't added any media queries yet.

During the process of making this, whenever I went to inspect it using my dev tools, it would only show it as a desktop website. No matter which phone I choose, Galaxy, iphone, tablet... it never shows the simple one column layout where everything fits perfectly on the screen. It only shows up as a huge desktop layout with one small column going down the middle.

Is this because I didn't use responsive coding? Percentages and ems?

Max S.
Max S.
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First of all, you need to add value in percentages and also you need to add media queries. Please don't forget to add viewport line inside <head> tag.

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You did not use media queries that's all