iOS Generics in Swift Generics and Protocols Extending Generic Types

Stanislav Zaichenko
Stanislav Zaichenko
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Ive got solution working in my sandbox however it wont pass through compiler error here in code challenge

The error says String has no member "contains", I tried the older Swift range(of: prefix) and same error.

the attached code is working in sandbox

protocol PrefixContaining { func hasPrefix(_ prefix: String) -> Bool }

extension String: PrefixContaining { func hasPrefix(_ prefix: String) -> Bool { if (self.contains(prefix)) { return true } return false } }

// Enter code below extension Array where Element: PrefixContaining { func filter(byPrefix prefix: String) -> [Element] { var result: [Element] = [] for (_, element) in self.enumerated() { if element.hasPrefix(prefix) { result.append(element) } } return result } }

var myArray = ["abnmmm", "nsbf", "sdfsdf", "absmdnfsdf"] myArray.filter(byPrefix: "ab")

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