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I've tried everything but nothing works

I've tried to prompt, alert, console.log doc.wrt, both nothing comes up please help me out here

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Please show your code. Even better, make a snapshot of your workspace and post the link to it here.

And what is it you are trying to accomplish?

''' var adjective = prompt("Type an adjective"); var answer1 = "<h1> Hi, I am an alien from the the great planet of Merso! I am very " + adjective;

var noun = prompt("Type a Noun"); var answer2 = " I hope this does not scare you. My family lives in a " + noun;

var verb = prompt("Type a verb"); var answer3 = " It is usually crowded so I find myself " + verb + '</h1>';

alert("Beaming up story now!")

var story = answer1 + answer2 + answer3

document.write(story) '''

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
202,109 Points

Nothing like a snapshot for analyzing an issue!

On line 11 of "index.html" your code tries to load in a script file named "story.js", But the actual name of your script file is "Script.js".

You can fix it by either changing line 11 to load in the right file name, or by renaming the file. Be careful of the capital "S" if you keep the file name.