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exit program
int numberOfPeople = 3;
if (numberOfPeople<4);
console.printf ("Your table is ready");

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Charlie Gallentine
Charlie Gallentine
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In your program there will be some syntax errors around the if statement as it ends in a semi-colon but will be expecting a set of curly braces containing instructions for execution. After it prints, .exit() must be called on the System object and passed a code of 0 to tell it is exiting on that code.

Hope that helps!

int numberOfPeople = 3;

if (numberOfPeople < 4) {
  console.printf("Your table is ready"); 

P.S. I think I was able to figure out what you were needing based on the challenge, however, in the future if the question is a bit more esoteric or involved it may be good to include a bit more clarity in the question/description. It makes it easier to provide meaningful answers! :)

Thanks for the help. I wasn't aware I was posting and thought I was searching.