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My localhost:4567/ webpage would not run.

And I was getting this error. I found THE SOLUTION at :

I assume others may run into the problem during this video in future so I am posting it here.

1 Answer

It's nice of you to post your solution but you don't need to go through all of that. All it means is that in IntelliJ you already had the server running and tried to run a second instance. Just stop the previous one and lunch it back again. Optionally you can go to Edit configurations... and tick the box Single instance only so you won't run into that problem in the future.

Thank you but it was not a second instance running through IntelliJ. I had been working on an outside html page using the localhost with a separate program unrelated to this project. Others may run into this problem as well in the future if they, like me are working on multiple projects at once.