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kamalesh flamboyant
kamalesh flamboyant
297 Points;128;error;illegal start of experssion public class Introductions 1 error


Tyler B
Tyler B
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Looks like you tried to start an expression in a public class called Introductions in some sort of illegal fashion. If you could post some code and explain the circumstance under which you are receiving this error we may be able to help.

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kamalesh flamboyant
kamalesh flamboyant
297 Points

hi this is my first day in learning java task defined to me is ,Define a string variable named firstName that stores your name. Set the value to your name. import;

public class Introductions {

public static void main(String[] args) {
    Console console = System.console();

  String firstname ="kamal";

    console.printf("hello my name is %s\n",firstname);
  console.printf("%s is dancing\n",firstname);

} }