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Todd MacIntyre
Todd MacIntyre
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JS breakpoints in Dev Tools Sources tab

Does Treehouse currently have a course on creating and practically using JS breakpoints in Dev Tools Sources tab as mentioned by Nick in the video?

Nico Trivelli
Nico Trivelli
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Good point.

I'm not fully sure, but I guess the answer is "No".

However, Treehouse's approach seems to be very unique and interesting in that after they gave us the first push into it (into a certain topic or field), they encourage us to, now more confidently, dive into the source, or sometimes sources, which by the way, tend to be always up-to-date.

I've seen it happen with many courses with MDN, jQuery docs, etc.

Now, those links above seem to be the "MDN" of Dev Tools. :) They're helping me a lot in times of distress :) Hope they'll do the same for you.

Hope that helps!