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Stephen Powers
Stephen Powers
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JS & the DOM Final Code Challenge

I keep looking my code over, and I'm not sure what I'm missing here.

I have the function addressing each element inside paragraphs, and the only thing I can think of is punctuation (which I've checked over and over).

What am I not seeing?

const section = document.querySelector('section');
let paragraphs = section.children;

for (i = 0; i < paragraphs.length; i++) {
  paragraphs[i].style.color = "blue";

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Child Traversal</title>
            <p>This is the first paragraph</p>
            <p>This is a slightly longer, second paragraph</p>
            <p>Shorter, last paragraph</p>
            <p>&copy; 2016</p> 
        <script src="app.js"></script>

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Lee Vaughn
Lee Vaughn
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You have the idea right, you just left something out. Double check how you are writing the for loop.

You are missing a key part, which is causing it to not work properly.

Code below in case you weren't able to spot it:

for (let i = 0;  i < paragraphs.length;  i++) {
  paragraphs[i].style.color = "blue";