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General Discussion

Just some questions from a restless mind...

I'm asking questions on the forum a lot because as you can tell from the title...i'm restless. Any who...I wanna knock out a lot of them in one post...so here it goes

What is wordpress? If I know stuff like html/css/javascript, couldn't I just create a website on my own. Why would I need wordpress? Any advantages?

Would it benefit me knowing both PHP and Ruby in that order? What would happen if I just learned Ruby and nothing else?

How often do people colab projects through treehouse? I would love to colab with someone in the future.

Someone explain the point of Javascript? I don't understand why it's there?


Thanks to whoever responds to my insanity!

4 Answers

Gui Schneider
Gui Schneider
4,567 Points

Hey mate, LOL.. lots of questions..

I don't know many answers either, but I'm following the WordPress track (occasionally checking HTML and CSS tracks as well) - So I guess I can discuss your first question w you.

I think WordPress is another way of doing the same thing.. If you know HTML and CSS you can code sites first and then when ready upload them to a host. Particularly if you are creating a website that won't change much in the future. You code it then make it live.. that's it.

I think they define WordPress as an online software to create site.. whatever that means. Maybe it means you build everything remotely (already stored online) as opposed to coding it on computer and uploading when ready.

But the major difference for me is that it makes very easy to build sites that will have new content added very often. Blogs, travel websites, online stores etc. And the advantage I see is that if you start to freelance creating sites for other people (small businesses in particular: restaurants, cafes, online stores etc) in the end you leave them with a site that has an easy to use dashboard for them to add content in the future or manage comments and online orders. You would just have to teach the client how to use the dashboard itself or even refer them to videos online showing how to manage it by themselves. And the user interface is pretty easy to pick up.

My first web designer job was recently creating a simple store/portfolio for a lady who will sell swimsuits online. And it was all done following the basic track on WordPress here. I charged on the low end as it was my first job and I wasn't confident. But I think here in Sydney you can easily charge from $1500 for a WP site.

What have you been doing with the videos here? What track you are following?


How much code is involved with wordpress, and is it less customizable since it's all remotely done?

Gui Schneider
Gui Schneider
4,567 Points

From no code to as much as you want: If you don't know code (not your case) you can create a website. If you know CSS you can create anything and have WP read your CSS.

You get a domain, set your hosting to use WP and your site is live. THEN you choose a theme and add content: portfolio images, blog posts, products, pages.

When you choose a WP theme - basically that is a ready to use CSS and PHP that you add to your WP site to manage its appearance - you can fully customise your theme's CSS sheet if you know code.

You can write CSS on your computer and paste into the theme's field for "custom CSS" if your customisation will be extensive. So anything is possible really.

Try one out :)

Why would developers use it if It doesn't require very much code..it feels like cheating lol.

Jordan Heathcoat
Jordan Heathcoat
7,385 Points

If you're customizing a theme, creating a theme from scratch or creating a plugin, it requires a decent amount of code (HTML, CSS, PHP and JS, I believe). If you have a client that needs to be able to update the content on their site easily, Wordpress is a user friendly option. You could cheat and just plug your clients content into a premade theme, but that's neither design nor development - it's just data entry.

Ken Alger
Ken Alger
Treehouse Teacher

RE: WordPress

If you are confident in your HTML, CSS, php, MySQL, etc. you can certainly create your own website very similar to WordPress. However, they have done most of the work for you and let you customize your own site a bunch. I am a licensed construction contractor and have built several houses. However, when I go looking for a house for myself I buy one already built.

Can you create your own blog hosting or CMS site? Yes. Does it take a bunch of work, especially without collaboration? Yes. Are there other options other than WordPress? Yes, but they seem to be the current standard bearer.

RE: programming languages

I would recommend getting a strong foundation in the language of your choice and then expanding out from there. Once you have a good understanding of variables, functions, objects, OOP, etc. in a first language expanding to another language is, relatively speaking, easy. With web based development there are many instances in which completing a project requires multiple languages and techniques. Languages and frameworks each have their strengths and purposes.