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Just wondering about c


I was just wondering , I'm doing introduction , basics on C and it takes me a while to understand . Im learning like half day and last night but its like tough . When i started ruby , i managed to get used to it in two days but here in C it takes longer.

So my question is , thats normal for a beginner? and how long should it take to know basics on good level? one week would be enough? or 3-4 days spending 6h per day? or maybe a lot more?

2 Answers

I think it takes a very long time to be really good at C. I thought I knew C till someone asked me to make a Macro and then I realized....little did I know. So these basic lessons, I think they would be easy to learn, but if you ever get to pointers that part is even more confusing. It is normal to struggle more in some areas, than others. Don't try to count the days as that will cause you to get stressed out. Just do your best to understand the concepts you are working with, and if it takes a day then that's great...if it takes a month or years, well that's great too. The point is being able to understand it and work with it better :)

A so in other words is all about understanding the basics? so if I'm on the scope or some loops etc.. even when the course is finished, i should take time and practice it and understand it to make it like to perfect?

So what i mean is after finishing the basics of something eq loops, i should take time and get throw it as long as it takes me to understand it fully and write my own program like in the videos right?

Im just very very exited to start and iOS app , I'm spending a lot of time trying to understand basics so i can get to stuff like apps and then I'm happy . As now i spend like all day on PC mor than 6h learning it and I'm still not well familiar with it . Im closer but still far i think.

Do you have any method that worked for you? some exercise?

What i do is i make like ten times printf and scant and make a program that enter ur name etc.. and i repeat it then i go to loops etc.. , when i was learning in web development is was easier because i used codeadacemy witch really helped me out to reinforce everything after i watched videos here .

My goal overall is as i started , to get in the app video and understand stuff one day before 2015 . I don't mean to master it or something like that but to get used to it and know stuff around like here in the videos about app.

I haven't started iOS programming because I can't afford a macbook at the moment, (I wish I could LOL), but yeah, I know C to some extent, and what really helps is coding first on paper. For example instead of writing the exercise you are telling me...straight on an IDE then compile it...try doing it roughly on paper and then transferring it into your IDE to see if it in fact gives you what you wanted to get. Sometimes working with an IDE makes things easier, because we run the code so many times, that, it gives us the ability to fix the errors with the help of the error log but then when we get to be without an IDE and we are asked to do the same things...sometimes the brain can't remember the right process because the error log is not there anymore.

So yes that is one of the methods/techniques I use. You don't need to wait till you get it till you move on, as for some...doing is learning. You can move on as long as you get more than 50% of what you are doing. You might have to revisit it later though to get the other 50% understood because as you progress, if you don't know the fundamentals a point will reach where you won't get much from the more difficult part. Even so, it seems that you are on the right track. So keep it up :)

Thank you :smiley:

I thought to write on paper in college since i can't practice there writing but first i need to get used to know how to write all stuff i want to practice and have an idea :D

Well, after long time :D i have iMac , I'm really happy about it but the think is that i could get familiar with C on eclipse on windows so yeah ;/

I know what you mean by learning it that way and i really like the 50% - 50%. I was doing it but in different way, now i try different style . I will do that when i will be here on treehouse doing first app , ill go throw basics again on what we will he do in the app :) hope my english isn't too bad to understand it in the right way :p

bdw as i go throw, i get the idea of it but if i would write it on my own i wouldn't know how but i know how it works

I understand you really well. So no worries. You can do the paper thing just about anywhere and it is even better when you can run it in eclipse later on to see if what you wrote is correct. I hope that and the 50% thing, works out great for you. Yes you can learn C anyway, but to make an iPhone app without a macbook is pretty much complicated. Learning new things is not easy, so if you find it hard, do not give up. Keep trying and you'd get to where you want to be someday.You are welcome Aurelian :)

Im using xcode for learning C . Thank you for your time to answer and thank you for don't know the name in english ;/ but its about the don't give up . I really appreciate your help and shared informations thank you :smiley: