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General Discussion

Sean Flanagan
Sean Flanagan
33,234 Points

Languages not covered by Treehouse


I wonder if anyone is interested in learning languages Treehouse doesn't host. What I'm thinking is: Would Treehouse be interested in hiring someone to teach these languages, such as C, C++, F#, Perl, R, any others anybody can think of.

I'm surprised there's not more courses on computer security. Maybe it comes in later courses I don't know.

You didn't mention Visual Basic --I guess it's the "forgotten" language of the .Net community..the bastard stepchild of VB6.

Other semi-obscure languages I've used (and yes I know I'm dating myself): Assembly (NASM/MASM), Cobol, Fortran, APL, Algol, Lisp, RPG, PL/l, Simula, Prolog, SmallTalk, SNOBOL, ML, Scheme, Erlang, Tcl, Ada, Eiffel, Pascal/Delphi, Rebol, Haskel, Lua, Clojure, Groovy, Scala, Dart, Go, and D language.

I'm into data analytics, so in addition to NumPy, Kafka, and R,

I also use Octave and Matlab (but I'm not sure I would consider Matlab a true standalone "language")

I'm also into machine learning.

Before there was Google's Tensorflow there was a library call MxNet has was recently been ported to Julia:


(so right now that's the language I'm teaching myself)

It looks like maybe Treehouse will be starting to really get into teaching SQL now that its got a few courses in the Roadmap.

Imelda Maguire
Imelda Maguire
4,843 Points

I'm another one interested in Visual Basic!

1 Answer

Sean Flanagan
Sean Flanagan
33,234 Points

@James: Wow you've covered a lot haven't you? That's over 30 languages. It'll be interesting to see if Treehouse incorporates all of these, and others.