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Laravel 5

The current version of laravel is 5 and the folder structure has changed. I'm stuck at this point and I assumed this tutorial is using laravel 4.2.

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laravel 4.2 has been renamed to laravel 5 and potentially because of the gap between the video & when it officially came out (this month), there might have been more changes.

Got it, I just need to add "4.2" after the --prefer dist.

Mike Zhu
Mike Zhu
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I am now finished a Laravel project and I am preparing to deploy it to the server. I use git to clone my Laravel project from my local server to the remote server. My Laravel version is 5. The server is running Centos7, Apache and PHP 5.4.16. However, the page only shows the website file structure instead of the home page, which shows like this: I am trying to know the correct way to publish my Laravel project. By the way, I don't want to use Forge because it is not free of charge.