Python Introducing Lists Using Lists Continental

l'd like to print only the countries starting with the letter 'A' . How do l go about it?

continents = ['Asia', 'South America','North America', 'Africa', 'Europe' ,'Antarctica', 'Austrilia']
continents = [
    'South America',
    'North America',
adrian miranda
adrian miranda
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Why don't you try something, and if it doesn't work, show it here.

For a way to get started, why don't you think about how you would go through the list, perhaps just to print each continent, one at a time. Look at the for statement, and use it on the list.

Once you have it printing all the continents, now work on checking each continent to see if it starts with an A.

If a problem seems big, focus on little pieces of it, until it starts to make more sense. You can do this!