21st Century Skills



I would need some kind of advice from all of you. I am recently graduated IT engineer and now I am trying all things, meaning what would best suit for me to do as job in future. I have realised UI/UX design is for me (I have done some sketches) but I don't want to stay just at one field if you know what I am saying. I have tried with front-end development (html, css and js) and unfortunately realised that JS isn't for me (I just don't get the point when you code and when is too much of codes I just got one big mess in my head :) and can't do something if I don't like it ).

I know front-end is not the only one category in IT, there are many ones so I would like to hear from you what should be good to learn instead JS, etc. Also one more thing is that I have never been working in my life (no job experiences) so is even harder to start to learn WHAT.