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Learning Flask without Knowing Python?

I just finished the Introduction to HTML and CSS course and the Flask course was recommended so I thought I would check it out. Do I need to know Python to take this course or can I learn as I go?

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Kent Åsvang
Kent Åsvang
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You'll probably be fine, but some programming concepts will go unlearned. You should be okay with knowing "how to use" and not "how they work". If you aren't, then you should take the Python course first.

An example would be function-decorators, which is a technique that's frequently used in the view-functions in Flask. You will know why you put them there and why you need them, but not exactly how they affect the function - but of course, you could just take a small break to figure it out before continuing the course.

Hope this helped.

Thank you for your response Kent Åsvang

I will give it a shot and see what I can learn.

Binyamin Friedman
Binyamin Friedman
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You should definitely take at least the Beginning Python Track before learning Flask.