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Kalum Power
Kalum Power
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Learning JavaScript,

Hey Guys, might be a dumb question but. I’ve recently finished the HTML, CSS and JavaScript tracks. Along side this, I’ve been writing notes in a journal to try and retain the information and I feel like I have.

I’ve got functions, objects, arrays, etc pretty much down but then I go to something like code wars and try to learn and just don’t understand anything. I have now joined the JavaScript tech degree in hopes if I relearn everything again and go through this “boot camp” I’ll feel more comfortable actually doing things like codewar, my own projects, etc.

So my Question is, has anyone else finished these tracks and just felt like you still can’t accomplish anything alone and if so… how did you overcome this?

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Jonathan Grieve
Jonathan Grieve
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That's a very normal reaction after going through courses that teach you the nuts and bolts of a programming language. But while they give you the grounding the need on the basics, it really is no substitute for trying to make real-world projects that use those skills.

So that's why I'm glad you mentioned you signed up for the Tech Degree.

This will

  • Review the work you've already done with the courses you've taken so far
  • Provide you wth the opportunity to create real-world projects you can add to a portfolio.
  • Be graded and receive peer reviews for those projects
  • Provide you with a Slack channel so you can ask questions with your peers and Treehouse Tech-degree teachers.

So the idea is you'll have the support you need and feel empowered to continue your journey once you've graduated, and have work that you can show future employers.

Good luck with your efforts! :)