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Learning to build a SaaS

I'm looking to learn how to build SaaS.

Currently on the Python Track. What others would you suggest?

It'd also be helpful if you've got any links to videos or articles on the subject.

The goal is to build a system for internal use that can be modified over time and eventually become saleable.

Thanks :D

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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:mailbox_with_mail: Hi, I got your request. Depending on what your software does, most of the needs of the SaaS element should be already present: passing data to and getting it from a server, user interaction, user authentication, etc. From there, it's just a matter of integrating the component so that it's one of the first things the software does at startup.

My guess is once you have the skills to confidently build the software itself, the SaaS component will be an easy task and you won't need special instruction.

I can tell you the first time I was asked to create a SaaS component, I found it was a fun and simple diversion from the level of effort I was accustomed to facing.

Hi Steven,

Thanks for the response. I'm sure I've got a lot left to learn before I'll be able to start building the system I'm looking to build. I've been looking around in job boards too and noticed that Ruby tends to command a higher wage whilst Python is asked for more regularly than Ruby is.

I'm going to learn both/as many as I can to the highest possible level and I think that'll be the best way to decide and understand what I need to do moving forwards.

Thanks again for your reply.