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Letters in other languages

My name is Adrián Castañeda, i'm trying to write my name in the body of the resume html but my name has two letters that are not in the English Keyboard so i have to change it to Spanish Keyboard. My question is how can i write ñ and á without them changing into something else.

vincent batteast
vincent batteast
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ñ ñ Lowercase n-tilde

á á Lowercase a-acute

you have to write it in code. &aacte; amd ñ should work for you.

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Vincent had the right idea, but the codes need Markdown formatting to appear in the post.
Anyway, the codes you want are:

á   :point_right:   á
ñ   :point_right:   ñ

So the total string would be: "Adrián Castañeda", which would show as "Adrián Castañeda".

But I expect you could use the Spanish keyboard keys directly, since they seem to show up OK in your question!

They appear ok in the html sheet but change up in the web page, Thank you for the info very useful