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Like all the comments below, this is not working for me either. Once I called ReatDOM.render(), Nothing.

ReactDOM.render(); method not being called or rending the element on the HTML side.

So, I came at this from already knowing create-react-app (much better to use, by the way). Anyway, I could not get the text "My First React Element!" to display in the browser either. In create-react-app, you import React and React-Dom at the start of each component, and refer to it in the code below, so I was looking for that.

Since it was CDN, I was toying around with stuff and got it to work and found out that my habits from create-react-app bled over into this. When importing React and React-Dom into each component, you also assign it a variable name. I got into the habit of naming my variable fro React-Dom, "ReactDom".

So, when starting out, I did this:


I did not get anything rendered on the browser, and got an error in my console. So below is my finished code for the app.js file. All I did was change from "ReactDom.render()" to "ReactDOM.render()"

const title = React.createElement(
    { id: 'main-title', title: 'This is a Title.' },
    'My First React Element!'


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robin blaauw
robin blaauw
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I would advise you to take a loot at your setup. This gave me issues as well so I decided to use NPM to create the project. Ill try and walk you through what i did to get it working.

You will need nodejs for this, if you don't have that visit:

Now open your command prompt and type npm i -g create-react-app. After you install that package go to the folder you want for your project. For me it's C/Documents/Coding. Type npx create-react-app my-app. Note that npx is not a typo.

This will create your react app. Visit your folder, go to src and type del * if you are on windows or rm -f * when on windows or mac. Now add 2 files in the folder src. index.css, that you can leave empty and index.js

copy this code to index.js:

import React from "react"; import ReactDOM from "react-dom"; import "./index.css";

const title = React.createElement( "h1", { id: "main-title" }, "my first react element" );


// ========================================

ReactDOM.render(title, document.getElementById("headingFirst"));

Let me know if this works.

Regards, Robin

Michael Cook
Michael Cook
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This answer would have been more helpful if you put your code in markdown to show exactly what you did. Thanks for trying though. I followed your instructions and got nothing on my screen.

Waylan Sands
Waylan Sands
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Make sure your scripts are in the bottom of the body, not the head!