Databases Reporting with SQL Ordering, Limiting and Paging Results Overview

link in GitHub not working; please help

Hello. I store my notes in GitHub, but something's not working.

Here's my repo for notes

The third item, Reporting with SQL, gives a 404 error, but the other bullets don't. I checked the URLs. I've merged, committed, and pushed my local git files. I have no idea why the 404 error.

Could anyone help please?

(Also my local Reporting with SQL Cheatsheet file is here. I had a screenshot to share but I couldn't paste it here. The filename and directory is cheatsheets/reporting-with-sql/

Thanks in advance!

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Stephanie Youstra
Stephanie Youstra
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Looking at your main repo page ..... you don't have a folder/file for Reporting_With_SQL, so that's your 404/Page Not Found error. It looks like your last commit (around the same time as this post) involved you deleting that folder as possibly a bad file, so until you re-create/re-upload that file, you'll keep getting that 404.

Good luck!!!