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Aakash Srivastav
Aakash Srivastav
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Listening for events with addEventListener()

This is my third question related to this video.
Now my question is , why doesn't he used the "style" property to make the letter uppercase, as he did in the other videos.
As he said , in order to change the css of any elements we use "style" property.
In this case it will go like this:

for( let i = 0 ; i < listItems.length ; i+=1){
    listItems[i].addEventListener( 'mouseover' , () => {

        listItems[i].style.textTransform = "uppercase";     // used "style" property      

    listItems[i].addEventListener( 'mouseout' , () => {

        listItems[i].style.textTransform= "uppercase";  // used "style property     

Is there any specific reason that he didn't used this method?

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Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez
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I believe he used a different convention just to teach different ways of doing the same thing. I don't personally know the advantages over one method from the other, so I expect it is just a difference in method.