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Sean Flanagan
Sean Flanagan
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Loans overdue

Hi. How's my solution for this challenge?

SELECT * FROM loans WHERE returned_on > return_by;

If i remember correctly you are looking to query for all the books loaned out that are overdue. If this is the case then your query is almost perfect. You should also consider any books that were returned on the same day they were due -> Hint: [ There is room in your query somewhere for an "equality" check ;) ].

You Got This!

3 Answers

I think we want loans with a return_by date which is in the past and with no returned_on date (book hasn't been returned.) This seemed to work:

SELECT * FROM loans WHERE return_by < DATE("now") AND returned_on IS NULL;

Yassin Chiguer
Yassin Chiguer
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The following query worked for me. Checks your current date (now) to yesterday's date (-1 day) for the return_by value. That's my understanding from the tutorial.

select * from loans where return_by = DATE("now", "-1 day")

Marcus Grant
Marcus Grant
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Since I noticed that the dayys in this challenge are dynamic, I came up with the following which works:

SELECT * FROM loans WHERE return_by < DATE("now");

Since the book might be due to returned today, it won't count as it's not overdue. However, if the return date is null and is any day before today I will get the correct list of overdue books.