localhost not working just ""

Hi Guys,

I need help, I just got a macbook with OS X mountain lion. and then after I installed MAMP Stack (got it from the app store) for some reason localhost isn't working when I type it in the address bar on the browser. the only way to access the root directory is " "

is there a way to enable "localhost"?

thanks in advance

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you can use XAMPP, i find it better than MAMP.

In Xampp you can do the localhost, or even change the same to yourname/folder/

I would recommend not using MAMP and just setting up the stack manually. Here is a great guide. Here is another.

I would suggest having a read through the various configuration files for Apache you'll find in /etc/Apache2 & /etc/Apache2/extra as you can tailor its behaviour.

thanks for the feedback guys. I really appreciate it :)

James Barnett
James Barnett
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Michael - Any particular reason why you want to type the word localhost rather than it's IP address?

Randy Hoyt
Randy Hoyt
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Can you access it like this?


It sounds like MAMP is just running on port 8888. I cover how to run it over port 80 in my PHP installation video:

Thanks Randy! I totally missed that one. anyway, everything's working now.thanks again.

James - I guess I just got used to typing "localhost". lol also for some reason the MAMP stack by bitnami doesn't allow me to use port 80, says a program is using that port. I'm not sure what's up with that.

Leigh Maher
Leigh Maher
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Hi Michael,

Can you share how you resolved this? I'm having the same issue and the Wordpress site I'm working on uses localhost in the path so it's breaks the site when I view it from