Craig Dennis
Craig Dennis
Treehouse Teacher

Looking for QA Volunteers for the upcoming Python data science course, Introduction to pandas!

Howdy Pythonistas!

Do you like pandas? No, not those adorable creatures, the Python data library pandas.

Want to help me out by kicking the tires before we set Introduction to Pandas free? It does have a pre-requisite. I need you to have a basic understanding of NumPy. If you haven't already, you can get up to speed using my Introduction to NumPy course.

This course makes heavy use of Jupyter Notebooks, and I'd really love your feedback on making it the best it could be!

We plan on releasing this course next week on Wednesday, November 7th.

The QA process is a time for people to spot any glaring mistakes, spelling errors, broken links, mistakes in teachers notes, clarification on quiz questioning, and any other feedback.

With QA there's a few other things you should know. Progress isn't recorded on the so you won't get a check mark. Badges and completion emails won't get sent, sorry. You also might need to manually go to the next stage in the course. Those are the quirks of QA mode. It's kind of like when those e-scooters first came out and the apps didn't quite work was still a lot of fun, and just a wee bit frustrating.

Please use email to contact me, to provide feedback. When in QA, we try to not talk about the course here on the Community forum until it's officially released. This'll help to avoid confusion.

Comment below to sign up. I'll let you know when the invites have been sent and if you've been selected.

Thanks in advance! You're the greatest.

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Junjie Huang
Junjie Huang
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I'd like to sign up!

Hi Craig. This Pandas course might be done, but please let me know if help is still needed on other intermediate Python courses. Thanks :)