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Made possible corrections but it's still not passing.

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Use input() to ask the user if they want to start the movie.

If they answer anything other than "n" or "N", print "Enjoy the show!". Otherwise, call sys.exit(). You'll need to import the sys library.
import sys
play_movie = input("do you want to start the movie now? enter n/N to reject or any other to accept")
if play_movie != "n" or "N":
    print("Enjoy the show!")

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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When you combine comparisons in a conditional expression, each comparison must be complete (with 2 terms and an operator):

if play_movie != "n" or "N":                 # so instead of this...
if play_movie != "n" and play_movie != "N":  # you might have this
if play_movie not in ["n", "N"]:             # or you might use the membership operator

That final one using a list with the "in" operator might involve concepts that have not been introduced yet.