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Make a function named reverse_evens that accepts a single iterable as an argument. Return every item in the iterable wit

can anyony shw me the real way to compleat my code
def first_4(iterable):
    return iterable[:4]
def first_and_last_4(iterable):
    return result
def odds(iterable):
    reverse_list = iterable[1::2]
    return reverse_list
def reverse_evens(reverse):
    return reverse[-1::-2]

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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There's two basic strategies for this solution:

  • compute the "start" position based on the length (or even/odd-ness) of the list
  • use one slice to extract the even indexes, then a second one to reverse the list

Either method will work when correctly implemented, but the 2nd one might be easier.