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"Make sure removeVowels accepts a string and returns a string" Code works in playground but won't run in coding window?

Output.html is blank, code works in playground, doesn't seem to work on the site, any ideas?

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extension String {

  func transform(_ operation: (String) -> String) -> String {
     return operation(self)

func removeVowels(from value: String) -> String {
      let vowels = ["a", "A", "e", "E", "i", "I", "o", "O", "u", "U"]

    return String(value.characters.filter { !vowels.contains("\($0)") })


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Jhoan Arango
Jhoan Arango
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Just put the function outside of the "String" extension. Right now is a method, it should be a function. A function does not belong to a type, a method is a function that belongs in a type such as class or struct.

Give it a try.