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Make sure to use the mouse right-click, to copy the video url and not the shortcut Control-C!

Remember that, although Control C is the shortcut key to copy to clipboard, it is also a way to terminate the running application in the terminal. Therefore, you should highlight the video url and use the right-click context menu to copy the video url to the clipboard.

It would be cool if there was a way to override control c, in the application, to allow the shortcut copy to be used, instead of terminating the application.

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Allan Clark
Allan Clark
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It all depends on what is your active window. If the running program is the active window then yes it will receive the terminate command if you give it ctrl+c. If you have a browser or other window as your active window, there is no way for the program to receive the ctrl+c command, allowing you to shortcut copy all you want with the program in the back ground.