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Making lists with a new var 'colors' added to 5 other things in the list. please help

I'm trying to create a new variable named 'colors'. Next I want to add 'colors' to my list along with five other things. How do I even begin?
name = "colors"
my_list = [red, blue, yellow]
my_list.append [name]

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Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman
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1 Make a new variable named colors.

A new variable is made by assigning something to a newly name object:

colors = something

2 Assign it to a list of at least 5 items.

A list is denoted by square brackets []. Items inside are separated by commas

colors = []

3 They should be colors but I won't mark you off for that.

The names of colors are strings. String need to be enclosed in matching quotation marks.

colors = ['red', "blue", "green", "puce", 'ecru']

The exercise says "colors" but it really means strings representing colors.

# Example of a list of shapes (strings representing shapes).
shapes = [ "square", "circle", "rectangle", "triangle", "oval" ]

# example of list of "fruits" (or strings representing fruits)
fruits = [ "apple", "banana", "orange", "cherry", "lemon", "lime", "coconut" ]

In your code, you are missing quote marks, so python thinks they are variables:

my_list = [red, blue, yellow] #python will think red, blue, yellow are variables, not colors.

thanks everybody. I only get time to work on this intermittently but will continue. I appreciate all the help!