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Michael Meadows
Michael Meadows
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Making sure I am accepting a single parameter in my function with correct argument labels.

For some reason the compiler keeps saying that I have incorrect argument labels, but I cannot seem to figure out what the problem is. I'm using the local label in the function. Any idea on what the problem seems to be? Maybe it has to do with tuple instead. Thanks!

// Enter your code below
func coordinates (For location: string) -> (double, double) {

switch location {
  case "Eiffel Tower": var lat = 48.8582; 
                       var lon = 2.2945;
  case "Great Pyramid": var lat = 29.9792;
                        var lon = 31.1344;
  case "Sydney Opera House": var lat = 33.8587;
                             var lon = 151.2140;
  default: var lat = 0;
           var lon = 0;

return (lat, lon) 

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Alex Koumparos
Alex Koumparos
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Hi Michael,

You have a few problems in your code:

First, your external argument name is 'For' but the task wanted 'for'.

Next, you have listed your types in all-lowercase, but Swift types have capitalised first letters.

Next, your variables are scoped to within the switch statement only. To make them available to your return statement you need to define them before the switch statement and then set their values within the switch statement, such as in the following example:

let (left, right): (Int, Int) // declare the names
switch input_value {
    case "foo" : (left, right) = (1, 2); // set the value
    case "bar": (left, right) = (3, 4);
    default: (left, right) = (5, 6)
return (left, right) // return the value

Note that I've used constants instead of variables because the value will never change once it is set within the function. Using let instead of var when the value is not going to be mutated is preferred (for performance reasons) and Xcode will emit a warning when you've used var for code where the value is not mutated.

Next your tuples are formatted incorrectly, they should be enclosed in parens and comma separated, you've left off the parens and used semicolons as separators (the semicolons should only be used to separate the case statements)

You might find that building up your code in Xcode's Playground before copy-pasting it into the challenge workspace might help you as Xcode will point out a lot of syntax errors as you are writing them.

Hope this helps,


Michael Meadows
Michael Meadows
2,402 Points

Thank you so much, this helps a lot!