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Youssef Moustahib
Youssef Moustahib
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Man, I'm so fed up of this

Again and again and again. I keep coming to treehouse' videos and I just go elsewhere. Kenneth once again goes from 0-100 and im left in the dust. At this point I am literally on the Techdegree just for the projects, for learning I just go elsewhere. Cant keep doing this

You can slow Mr. Love down a little bit with the video settings. Other than that, I'm sorry you feel like that, but, to be fair, the toughest professors teach you the most.

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Chris Howell
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Chris Howell
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Hey Youssef Moustahib,

Sorry you are having a rough time with some of the videos. We do understand there are some courses that push the concepts faster than the other courses. We are hoping to make some adjustments in the future to these so the learning curve is lessened and it is a much smoother transition between them.

In the meantime, as a Techdegree student, you still have access to the Slack team. It is completely okay to ask questions in there and we can help you with whichever course concepts were explained too fast. Not everyone learns at the same pace, not everyone relates the material to the same things, in the same way, this is mainly why we have our Slack team. It is the other avenue of support so we can help solidify a concept that doesn't stick through examples or talking through it step by step.

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
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It's not that the concepts are taught fast, it's that they simply are not explained at all. This is just a series of videos of Kenneth coding a project and reciting aloud what he is typing.

I am glad I’m not the only one feeling this way.

I agree with all the sentiment above. This course escalated super quickly. Not enough time being spend on the "why" behind the intermediary steps.