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I dont have a manifest file. where would i find it.

Step 1: Open Android Studio

Step 2: Open your Project

Step 3: If your Project Window isn't open, go to View -> Tool Windows -> Project

Step 4: In Project window, navigate to "YourProjectsName" --> app --> src --> main --> AndroidManifests.xml

Step 5 (optional): If you wish to open this file in an explorer window, Right Click on AndroidManifests.xml and choose Show in Explorer.

If you are more comfortable with Android View, it's even simpler.

Follow Step 1-3 from above

Step 4: Select Android View in the Project Window

Step 5: Navigate to app --> Manifests --> AndroidManifests.xml

If you still can't find the Android Manifests File, you might have accidentally deleted it, let us know if that's the case.


Not only Manifest file, if you want to look for any particular file name then use the below commands:

On Windows: Ctrl + N / Ctrl + Shift + N

On Mac: Command + O / Command + Shift + O

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I found It thanks alot.