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Map Comprehension Error In Code Challenge

Please find the code below I am getting expected result in my Notebook but in the console I am getting Error that 'int' is not subscriptable
dimensions = [
    (5, 5),
    (10, 10),
    (2.2, 2.3),
    (100, 100),
    (8, 70),

def area(dim):
    return list(map(lambda x: x[0]*x[1], dim))

a = area(dimensions)

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You've written a function that does something different from what the instructions asked for. Take another look at the instructions for task 1:

"Create a function named area() that takes a single argument which will be a two-member tuple. area() should return the result of multiplying the first item in the tuple by the second item in the tuple."

Note that the function should take a single tuple argument instead of a list of them, and return a numeric value instead of a list. The provided "dimensions" list won't be used until task 2, and with a comprehension instead of a "map".

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Thanks Steven I got the point