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Material Design Modal Side Sheets Android Implemenation


I am wondering how I can implement a Modal Side Sheet for my android app. On the Material Design website (, it says it is in beta. Does this mean it is not ready to be implemented for real life application? If it is, where can I find a tutorial to learn how to implement this?

Thank you :)

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Stivan Radev
Stivan Radev
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  • You can go here and check out how to deploy this for your android app

  • It says that it is in beta, which means that there may be changes to the documentations/functionality of the design in the future. They are testing how the design works and changing stuff to improve it.

  • You can use it on your real life application, but just be aware that in the future they might change something and you might have to go back and fix it accordingly (look at the changelogs and documentations).