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@media (min-width : 1025px){ } dosen't work with me

help me

Gari Merrifield
Gari Merrifield
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If you have not included anything in between the brackets, you have not told it to do anything at that break point.

Otherwise, you will need to explain what exactly you are trying to accomplish, and best to include the code that you are having issues with. Check the "Markdown Cheatsheet" link to see how to enter your code into your post in the most readable manner.

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Sam Gord
Sam Gord
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basically by writing @media (min-width : 1025px){ } you are telling the browser to do something when the screen size is above 1025px, but what the browser has to do in that situation must be written between those brackets. for example: @media (min-width : 1025px){ *{ color: orange; } } will make all the font colors orange when the screen width is above 1025px.

happy coding.