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guram dgebuadze
guram dgebuadze
Front End Web Development Techdegree Student 4,122 Points

Media query breakpoints

How should I determine breakpoint? Should I use common popular device dimensions or , should I work depending on content ? What is the best way

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Aakash Srivastav
Aakash Srivastav
Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree Student 11,617 Points

Hey guram dgebuadze , if you are a begginer , then you can use the standard breaking points to start with.
It will help you to understand how responsiveness works.

But it's more practical to base them on your particular layout instead. That is, gradually narrow your desktop browser window and observe the natural breakpoints for your content. It's different for every site. As long as the design flows well at each browser width, it should work pretty reliably on any screen size (and there are lots and lots of them out there.) Just start with standard breakpoint and after making 4-5 responsive pages, you will get your hands on it :)
Hope it helps