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methods, class and more

hi ! I took the java course before coming to this course, but I am still getting lost whenever the video talks about classes and methods.. can somebody help me a little with this ?

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james south
james south
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the class is the blueprint for the object. so at a bank we might have a bank account class. it would spell out how accounts are created, what properties they have, and how we can change those properties. methods are used to change aspects of the object we create with the class. so we might have a deposit method to add money to an account and a fee method to apply a monthly fee etc.

Ben Jakuben
Ben Jakuben
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Hi jonathan cohen , have you checked out both Java Basics and Java Objects? Your exact question should be answered in the Java Objects course. We need to figure out a better way of recommending Java content to take before trying out this course, but those two courses are the important ones.

thank you all ! Ben Jakuben james south