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Missing files in directory

I've created my Jekyll project however my directory is missing things like:

_includes _layouts _sass _css feed.xml

What I do have that you do not is Gemfile & Gemfile.lock so maybe things have changed a bit? The local server is up and running and so far there are no issues. Just wonder why I'm missing these and where do I find them now?

2 Answers

Hi Jimi,

I ran across the same issue that you did. The files are not "missing" what happened is that Jekyll changed when they updated to 3.0 . They deleted the directories and included a default theme minima . If you create the _sass directories and include your stylesheet in the head of your document, the theme "minima" will be overwritten/ignored. Feel free to also create the _layout directory to follow along with the video. Some of the default directories where removed but can be added.

I hope this clears up the changes they made with Jekyll.

Exactly what I wanted to hear thanks Daniel!