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Ruby Ruby Foundations Methods Class Methods

Moving very quickly

This is more of a comment but this section progressed way to quickly for me. I appreciate everything that you guys do here but you went from creating a program for printing out "Hello World" to creating a very complicated Bank Account scenario.

I like to work through the videos and then go back and struggle through trying to recreate what I just did and there is just no way that I would be able to do that with this section. There is just too much information packed in and Jason moved very quickly through each of them. Perhaps methods should be split up into several badges?

Thanks again for everything else which has been great for the most part! Hopefully this section can be expanded on in the future and core concepts picked over a little more thoroughly before moving on.

8 Answers

Brandon Barrette
Brandon Barrette
20,485 Points

I highly suggest looking at the Ruby Basics course. Also checking out Ruby on Code Academy.

This course is a Foundations course, meant to be a deep dive into Ruby and not an introductory course to Ruby or object oriented programming. There is a certain level of programming experience necessary to really get the most out of these videos.

If you've done the Rails courses already, things should click as to why Rails works the way it does. If you're totally lost, check out some of the other Ruby or Rails courses first, then come back. It never hurts to brush up on this and review it time and time again.

There's no excuse for poorly taught material. I dispute that it's review since it's marked as "Beginner" and declares 'There are no requirements for this course other than a web browser and willingness to learn.'

Ruby Basics teaches you next to nothing.

So I spent the last few weeks going over Ruby courses from a number of different online learning platforms and was able to come back to this video and understand a lot more of what was going on.

For those who are lost, don't give up! Just go find another resource that might be able to explain these particular lessons a little more clearly. I used CodeAcademy, Tealeaf Academy's Beginning Ruby book and Chris Pine's beginner Ruby book. I worked through all the lessons on those sites and did all the exercises and now understand this video much more.

No one place will be able to teach you all you need to know. Take advantage of all the resources online and do every single exercise and extra credit. Things begin to slowly make sense. Later

Patrick, I agree with your sentiment too. I was surprised to find that defining your own methods was introduced in the first section right after strings and numbers. Defining your own methods is usually introduced after strings, numbers, control flow, and loops and what not.

I've studied Ruby on my own separate from Treehouse so it's no problem for me, but I really wouldn't have been able to understand all that on my own if I were a fresh beginner.

As I've said in another post, Ruby is very Rails-centric, so often times a lot of curriculum breezes through vanilla Ruby and you only learn enough to cobble something together in Rails. I'm not one to support that. I like that Treehouse has built out a separate vanilla Ruby course focused on the language in and of itself, but I think the order of the materials presented needs to be changed.

It really should follow the newly rolled out Python track, which from the surface, seems to give pretty solid treatment of the language just by itself.

Sophia Harrison
Sophia Harrison
4,534 Points

If you are on the Ruby Development Track, most of the Ruby Foundations section is actually just review. This explains why Jason appears to leap from very basic concepts to more complicated ones. When designing the curriculum, they most likely assumed that those students who went directly to this section (i.e. non Ruby Development track) have a sufficient programming background to feel comfortable with the speed of the course.

Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson
4,500 Points

I agree with to OP, the Bank account was pretty steep on the learning curve for me too. Im working on the understanding that I just wont understand at the moment. I'm just trying to keep going and learn what I can and go back and understand more in time. I still don't really understand classes and when to use them.. Keep going and keep up the good progress everyone..

I would add RubyMonk, Learn Ruby The Hard Way and The Pragmatic Studio to the resources listed by Patrick. These will help you a lot as you get deeper into Ruby Foundations.

Ian Hilton
Ian Hilton
6,223 Points

Unfortunately, I was having the same problem with the Ruby on Rails course and a mod suggested I do this track first. I'm having the same problem here. Jason is going through things step by step, but there's no explanation of syntax OR of over arching concepts. He goes through the how without explaining the why or what he is doing. If this was a cake recipe that I never needed to change or understand in any way it would be perfect. I could just follow the steps and have a cake. Things are being introduced and glossed over without explanation. Please edit these courses... Please.