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Multidimensional lists...Challenge 2 of 2

I have struggled to complete this next segment of printing only groups with trios. Please kindly assist me?
musical_groups = [
    ["Ad Rock", "MCA", "Mike D."],
    ["John Lennon", "Paul McCartney", "Ringo Starr", "George Harrison"],
    ["Salt", "Peppa", "Spinderella"],
    ["Rivers Cuomo", "Patrick Wilson", "Brian Bell", "Scott Shriner"],
    ["Chuck D.", "Flavor Flav", "Professor Griff", "Khari Winn", "DJ Lord"],
    ["Axl Rose", "Slash", "Duff McKagan", "Steven Adler"],
    ["Run", "DMC", "Jam Master Jay"],
for musical_group in musical_groups:
    musical_group = (", ").join(musical_group)
    print( musical_group)

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Christopher Coscina
Christopher Coscina
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I won't give you the actual code to solve this, but as you loop through each of the musical groups, first check how many values are stored in each list. A trio is three values... so use an if statement to check if the size of the list is equal to three.... if it is, print it out, otherwise do nothing....