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Multi-Line Comment in C#

Jeremy wrote several lines of comments using single line comments: the 2 back-slashes // I know each language has it's own syntax for this, but does C# have a multi-line comment, and if so, what is it? Thanks!

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anil rahman
anil rahman
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   1st comment 
   2nd comment
   3rd comment
Justin Molyneaux
Justin Molyneaux
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To make a multi-line comment, highlight the lines that you wish to comment and press Command / on Mac or Control / on Windows. Repeat this process to uncomment those lines.

Randy Eichelberger
Randy Eichelberger
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btw he used multiple single line quotes because each one of these is a separate part of the program. It wouldn't make sense to use a multiline comment when you're about to go through and write code between each line.