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Python Python Collections (2016, retired 2019) Dungeon Game Cartographer

multiple players showing but not moving

import random
import os
#draw grid
#pick random location for player
#pick random location for exit door
#pick random location for the monster
#draw player in the grid
#take input for the move
#move player unless invalid move
#check for w/l
#clear screen redraw grid

CELLS = [(0,0),(1,0),(2,0),(3,0),(4,0),

def get_locations():
    return random.sample(CELLS, 3)

def move_player(player,move):
    x, y = player
    #get player's location
    #if move == LEFT, x-1
    #if move == RIGHT,x+1
    #if move == DOWN, y+1
    #if move == UP ,  y-1
    if move == "LEFT":
        x -= 1
    if move == "RIGHT":
        x += 1
    if move == "DOWN":
        y += 1
    if move == "UP":
        y -= 1
    return x, y

def get_moves(player):
    moves = ["LEFT","RIGHT","UP","DOWN"]
    x, y = player # unpacking player tuple to x and y
    #if player's y == 0 they can't up
    #if player's y == 4 they can't down
    #if player's x == 0 they can't left
    #if player's y == 4 they can't right
    if x == 0:
    if x == 4:
    if y == 0:
    if y == 4:

    return moves

def clear_screen():
    os.system('cls' if os.name == 'nt' else 'clear')

def win_lose():
    if player == monster:
        print("monster: hahaa yummy dungeon master!!")

    elif player == door:
        print("You escaped from the dungeon !!")

def draw_map(player):
    print(" _"*5)
    tile = "|{}"

    for cell in CELLS:
        x ,y = cell
        if x  < 4:
            line_end = ""
            if cell == player:
                output = tile.format("x")
                output = tile.format("_")
            line_end = "\n"
            if cell == player:
                output = tile.format("x|")
                output = tile.format("x|")
def game_loop():
    monster, door, player = get_locations()

    while True:

        print("You're currently in room {}".format(player)) #fill with player position
        print("You can move {}".format(", ".join(get_moves(player)))) #fill with available moves
        print("Enter QUIT to quit")

        move = input("> ")
        move = move.upper()

        if move == 'QUIT':
        if move in valid_moves_player:
            player = move_player(player,move)
            input("\n walls are hard don't run into them!\n")

print("welcome to the dungeon")
input("Press return to start!!")
 _ _ _ _ _
You're currently in room (1, 3)
You can move LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN
Enter QUIT to quit

as i said multiple players are showing in the right side of map when i move the player only one of them moves

Steven Seebode
Steven Seebode
2,631 Points

in your draw_map function, you have:

else: output = tile.format("x|") but should be else: output = tile.format("_|")

This is why you are seeing multiple x's