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"Multiply $integerOne by $floatOne and display the results." I don't understand how you would display it using echo?

the question wants you to display the question using echo instead of var_dump? I put in $integerOne * $floatOne; and they are set to 9 and 1.5 so am I missing something or is there a problem?


//Place your code below this comment
$integerOne = 1;
$integerTwo = 2;
$floatOne = 1.5;

//var_dump($integerOne + 5);
//var_dump($integerTwo - 1);

$integerOne += 5;
$integerTwo -= 1;

echo var_dump($integerOne * $floatOne);

//echo $intOne_to_flOne;

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Yes display using echo without var_dump. Remove var_dump from your echo statement. I pasted your code into the challenge and found I had to remove the commented var_dump code as well.