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JavaScript JavaScript Arrays Multidimensional Arrays Improve the Quiz – One Solution

Samuel Llibre-Pillco
Samuel Llibre-Pillco
15,467 Points

My approach on this project.


<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <title>JavaScript Arrays</title>
    <link href="css/style.css" rel="stylesheet"> 
      <h1>You got <span class="js-correct-score"></span> question(s) correct</h1>
    <h2>You got these questions right:</h2>
      <ol class="js-correct-answers">

      <h2>You got these questions wrong:</h2>
      <ol class="js-wrong-answers"></ol>
    <script src="js/quiz.js"></script>

The JavaScript

let questions = [
  ['How many planets are in the Solar System?', '8'],
  ['How many continents are there?', '7'],
  ['How many legs does an insect have?', '6'],
  ['What year was JavaScript created?', '1995']  
let correctAnswer = 0;

for(let i = 0; i < questions.length; i++){
  let answer = prompt(questions[i][0]);

  if (answer === questions[i][1]) {
  correctAnswer += 1; 
  document.querySelector(".js-correct-answers").innerHTML += `<li> ${questions[i][0]}`;

  } else {

  document.querySelector(".js-wrong-answers").innerHTML += `<li> ${questions[i][0]}`;

  document.querySelector(".js-correct-score").textContent = correctAnswer; 

I can think of 2 or 3 other option to do the same, but I found this the easiest and fastest to write.

1 Answer

You don't have to, but you should always close your element tags. It's best practice to do so as it increases readability and maintainability. Also, if you don't, they'll get popped in a validator or other monitoring tools like SEMRush.

Other than that, the code looks pretty ok! I really like your proper use of h1s and h2s. A few things to improve your code:

  1. Answer isn't going to change, so that should use the const keyword instead of let.
  2. Instead of constantly referring to questions[i][0], just set a const value at the top. This will increase readability and while this is minute, it's good practice. It requires more memory usage to look for a key in an array twice times than it does to do it once and then a locally scoped variable twice.
  3. document.querySelector is an expensive operation. You have it in a loop, which means it's running 4 times each. It'll be more optimized, and readable, to put it in global scope as a const then reference it the loop. This takes your 12 dom operations and makes it 3.
  4. For loop is fine, but it's a bit messy syntax. if your only goal is to loop over the array, it would be cleaner to utilize Array.forEach.
  5. This is more for formatting, but it's important. Take pride in your code. Be sure to use consistent formatting. Having sloppy HTML will get thrown back in a code review every single time and it's really just a lazy thing. Indent properly, have a cohesive strategies for linebreaks etc etc.

I refactored your JavaScript in the ways I mentioned above. Hope this helps!

let questions = [
  ['How many planets are in the Solar System?', '8'],
  ['How many continents are there?', '7'],
  ['How many legs does an insect have?', '6'],
  ['What year was JavaScript created?', '1995']  
let correctAnswer = 0;

const $correctAnswers = document.querySelector(".js-correct-answers");
const $wrongAnswers = document.querySelector(".js-wrong-answers");
const $correctScore = document.querySelector(".js-correct-score");

questions.forEach(item => {
  let answer = prompt(item[0]);

  if (answer === item[1]) {
        correctAnswer += 1; 
        $correctAnswers.innerHTML += `<li> ${item[0]}</li>`;
  } else {
    $wrongAnswers.innerHTML += `<li>${item[0]}</li>`;
  $correctScore.textContent = correctAnswer;